Colección: Diamond Glue (RESIN)


Our diamond glue is a super fast dry resin specially designed to be compatible to fast adhere artificial nail tips. Moreover, our company underwent through a very specific search of all chemical ingredients of this resin. Our top priority for this nail glue was to be fast dry, and extremely strong holding crystal metal gems. 

We are extremely proud of all the qualities of of our Diamond Glue. Why? 

  • Sets nail tips in 3 seconds under normal room temperature
  • Fully dry and 6 seconds when used on nail tips
  • In 3 seconds will secure small, medium, and  large heavy crystals over artificial nails like acrylic. (Not recommended to be use over any tacky residue of any type of gel.) 
  • If cluster nail art is designed and large amounts of glue are utilized, the glue will try longer in fully dry. 


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