Colección: Starting Kit Gel Essentials


Our starting Gel kit includes every single gel polish that all manicurist need on their working table. From a conventional manicure, a structure manicure, Gel-Ons, or from prep to finish on any nail enhancement. 

•NON ACID PRIMER: Is compatible with the application of acrylic, poly gel, gel builder, rubber gel, or semi-permanent gel. 

•GEL BASE CIAT: Is absolutely essential on the application of any of our gels, in exception to rubber gels. 

•EMBEDDING GEL: Thit is the most unique gel polish our company possess. This gel polish is a must have by any manicurist in order structure natural nails, protect foils and chrome from chipping off. Embedding gel is also amazing to adhere gel tips (e.g., Gel-Ons, full moon tips, full nails, Gel-X and more). Embedding gel can also be used to create dimension clear effects over solid gel color, reflective gel, solid acrylic colors, and over glass gel. Non the less this amazing gel can be also used to perform fills over Gel-Ons or structure manicure every two weeks. ( Embedding gel is not recommended to performed fills over long to extra long nails, the sensibility of this gel, it is only recommended for short to medium nails. Moreover, our embedding gel is also perfect to seal all gems and crystals over your clients nails. 

Secure all decals

• STELLAR TOP COAT: Guarantees that your client’s nails will stay glossy up to 6 weeks, ( we do not recommend any customer to go on without a fill after three weeks.)

•MATTE TOP COAT: Are you tired of streaky matte top coats? Stop looking around! Our matte top coat will give you a canvas velvety look to all your nail designs. Our matte top coat also camouflages imperfections, and evens up all hand painted nail art. 


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