• Gel System

    Why is our gel system unique?

    *Our gel is the only gel polish that can last longer than any other gel polish in the market without using acrylic or gel builder combined!

    *Our gel colors DO NOT oxidize, or change color after the gel is cured!

    *Our matte & stellar top coat remains flawless for 4-6 weeks!

    *Our gel system is perfectly pigmented, and it’s awesome for hand painted nail art!

    *Stop using useless gel polishes! Our gel polishes DO NOT REQUIRE MORE THAN 1 OR 2 COATS per nail in order to achieve a flawless color application!

  • Colored Acrylic

    *We do not sell conventional nail products, we simply sell the best ones.

    *Why is our colored acrylic system is unique?
    Our colored acrylic collection is like no other because it was exclusively made for us utilizing European pigmentS. European pigment it is mainly found in high quality paint.

    We decided not to use a conventional synthetic pigment in our acrylics in order to avoid the excessive bleeding of color during the application of acrylic!

    We know it becomes very messy when manicurist use low quality acrylics that include synthetic, and low quality pigment. Indeed, in order to avoid the excessive bleeding of color, we decided to only use European pigment which incorporates flawlessly into core acrylic powder. We guarantee you that our unique formula will give you beautiful, vibrant, and unique colors like no other brand.

  • Diamond Glue

    Are you tired of getting phone calls from your clients letting you know that their rhinestones keep falling off from their nails? You have to buy our diamond glue!

    Our diamond glue formula was specifically designed for our company. Our company went through several trials of different formulas of adhesion until we found what manicurist need in order to keep those beautiful gems and crystals lasting for weeks.

    We asked our manufacturer for a resin that would securely glue, crystals, metal, pvc materials, and much more, so that is what we got!!! Our diamond glue is the best!!!

    Our diamond glue is safe and versatile for professional nail artist, you can use it to glue nail tips, natural nails, metal gems, and most importantly those beautiful crystals that always fall off with any other resins.

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Talk about your brand

We are not just a random website selling nail products! 

All of our products have been extensively tested prior to its launching by our CEO, nail master Lorena Maciel. 26 year of experience and several professional certifications stand behind our products. 

Contrary to other acrylic brands, our acrylic collection was specially made for our company with European pigment. Our acrylics will not excessively bleed out the pigment color during your application. Why? Because our pigments are natural mineral pigments not a low quality synthetic powder. Our pigments are mainly used on high end paints. 

Non the less, our gel system is one of the best if not the best gel system available on the USA, our gel polishes are highly pigmented. Non of our gel colors will oxidized after it’s application like other brands. Meaning that our color gels will not change color after cured or after several weeks.

No other brand will over you our gel system, because several gel polish were specially created to us, like our embedding gel, matte and stellar top coat. These gel are above any other in the market, our embedding gel is a must have to secure all your painted nail art, decals, strength manicures, and also is used as gel glue for Gel-Ons. Gel-Ons will be launge soon! These are clear gel tips that are bonded to the natural nail with gel! 

We can go on, and on describing the amazing products we have for you, follow us on social media and see with your own eyes the amazing durability that our products have.