Collection: Kolinsky & Art Brushes

From our German Kolinsky to our synthetic brushes, their quality is the key for success of every nail artist. 

*Our German Kolinsky brushes are made of 100% natural hair. (CRUELTY FREE) 

      -Metal: Aluminum

      -Bristles: 100% Kolinsky hair 

      - Available sizes: #16, #18, and 3D #4

*Our synthetic set of eleven art brushes is made of:

     -Our set is composed of 11 art brushes

     -Metal ferrule: Copper 

     -Metal handle: Aluminum

     -Bristles: Synthetic 


-Unlike other brands, D’ Lauren Nails’ set of art brushes is NOT made out of plastic cylinders like other brands. 

-Each of these brushes was specifically designed by our nail master & CEO. Based on the lengthy experience of our CEO in nail art, every brush was designed with a specific purpose. If you do not want to struggle anymore with useless sets of art brushes, you must buy our unique set which also comes with a useful black holder. You can keep your brushes safe when traveling or simply beautify display on your work table. 

-Some of our brushes were precisely designed with a metal nose. Why? Because in every stroke of art, the precision of each stroke is also defined by the structure, materials, and weight of the brush.  




Gel Polish System

The best gel system!  

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